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My interest in set and production design happened almost by accident. When I went to Vassar College, I felt their studio art program was somewhat lacking (though their art history courses were outstanding). I was in one drawing class for ONE DAY, and dropped out knowing that I'd hate it with a passion. A drama major suggested an alternative: set design coursework. And this began a wonderful new path.

The instructor, Thaddeuz Gesek, quickly became a good friend and mentor. Though I haven't used what I've learned from him to the extent that I should, his teaching was invaluable. And unlike drawing intro, I don't think I'll ever know as much as my set design professor. And so, with deep respect to "Thad", here is a sampling of some of my old designs.

Sadly, Mr. Gesek passed away in the summer of 2003; my tribute to him, published in the Vassar Quarterly, can be found on my DEDICATIONS page. His son Stephan, who I finally met after all these years, now works as a professional production designer; I think his dad would be proud.


Client: Mike Young Productions
Concept set design for television show, 2000
This was the interior set design of an apartment featured for a potential TV show,
with the lead character living as a couch potato in this weird, askewed dump.
The angle perspective was deliberately twisted.


Concept set design for Vassar College, 1995


by Anton Chekov
Sample costume & set design for Vassar College, 1993
My very first set design. The intention here was to limit the basic color palette to
two contrasting colors (in this case, red and green) for the set and costumes.



OTHELLO:   Desdemona's Chamber
by William Shakespeare
Concept set design for Vassar College, 1993
The intention here was to be symmetricai and ornate, like moorish and Middle Eastern architecture.
The "skull" frame with windows for the eyes and teeth left an eeire, if not very subtle, impression.


Galileo's Study
by B. Brecht
Concept design for Vassar College, 1995.
One of my favorite designs, this play entailed two backdrops: one with the sun at center,
and the dropout moons and planets slowly moving "around" it (as Galileo asserted),
and the "religious" view of the sun spinning around the earth.


by Asyculus
Concept design for Vassar College, 1994.


Concept design for Vassar College, 1993-4.
(Too bad I can't remember what play this was for!)


KING LEAR: Initial Concept Design.
by William Shakespeare
For Vassar College, 1995

Here I was trying to go for minimalism. A reflective opaque backdrop was placed in the background,
so the overall color scheme could change with the lights. Black "tarps" were dropped from above, implying
a sense of architectural columns in a free space. The center piece, a constructed platform with stairs on one side
and a stone-like boulder on the other, could be rotated during a scene to keep the movement going without
breaks. My professor actually preferred this concept sketch more than my final paintings!
KING LEAR: Lear's Palace.
by William Shakespeare
For Vassar College, 1995
KING LEAR: Gloucester's Castle.
by William Shakespeare
For Vassar College, 1995
by William Shakespeare
For Vassar College, 1995


by Arthur Miller, directed by J.J. Marshall
Performed at Vassar College, 1994.



by Rommen Cromwell
Performed at Vassar College, 1995.
Now THIS set was fun...and brought in on a budget of $97. (Leaving us $3 to spare.)
The man saying "You're expelled" was none other than our college Dean,
who I understand did not appreciate the gesture.