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Portfolio Overview


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Opening night at the Nucleus Gallery's
Harry Potter tribute art show.
Alhambra, CA, July 10th, 2011

Remembering NIMH

Artists I admire

Now featured on TurningArt! It's a rather novel idea where subscribers can rent art prints for a monthly fee, as well as collect credit towards the purchase of both prints and original paintings. My page on their site can be found here.


Welcome to my gallery...

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Hear ye, hear ye! I've decided to give the ART GALLERY page a proper facelift with a brand new design on -- be sure to change your bookmarks to go HERE. This is where you can find information on my creative work without having to tolerate all those other posts about my political beliefs or pet cats. ​

This revamp is still in progress, so a few pages have yet to be updated to the new links.


On San Diego Comic-Con 2016...
May 29, 2016

While I don't plan to have my own artwork featured in the Artists' Alley this year (I don't think I have enough new stuff to warrant it), I *DO* plan to be in San Diego during the convention, so that I may interview visiting artists / Richard Amsel admirers for the documentary. Anyone interested in participating in the film should email me. ​

I've always enjoyed going to SDCC, and last year I managed to turn a small profit by selling some prints. But I'd like to have a few more illustrations under my belt before I do it again, and the past few months have been just too time consuming. 


Introducing McDaniel Whiskey!
April 1, 2016

After nearly twenty years of living and working creatively in California, I've decided to change careers and embark on a new path: resurrecting my family's once proud whiskey label, which previously met an untimely end during the suffocating rise of Prohibition.

This 184 proof whiskey, with natural cinnamon flavors, is distilled for the most discerning & disgruntled curmudgeon.

Like its namesake, McDANIEL WHISKEY blends flavors from Scotland and Ireland, though the exact history remains a contentious matter among certain willful family members. It has been proven to possess certain medicinal properties, is ideal for family use, and has a curious effect on forging friendships*.

*It can also destroy them.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for nervous persons, individuals of a distemperate demeanor, women with child, responsible clergy, or those of a cruel disposition.

Those interested in taking pre-orders, please contact me. A full project proposal may be found here. Other images cvan be found on my newly added Titles & Graphic Design page.


The post where Adam, like, you know, follows up on misc. nerdy wannabe stuff...
March 20, 2016

To follow up on my post from January 3rd, I now have a shared page on Shutterfly where you can buy copies of my art book.

There are two versions: a 12x12" hardcover and a 10x10" softcover. I know the prices are steep, but they reflect only the manufacturing cost for print on demand. I make no profits or residuals from any sales, as it's designed only for showcasing my artwork for those who want a keepsake. On the plus side, Shutterfly often has discount promos for their subscribers.

Hardcover 12x12"
Softcover 10x10"

I also have a new page at, where select artwork is available at pretty competitive prices.

I forgot to mention that to coincide with my interview in INDYMAG's newly released issue #9, profiling my "wannabe" artwork and obsessive Indiana Jones fandom/nerdom, I'll be giving away a free print of my Indiana Jones artwork. You can get the digital edition of the issue here, or buy a print edition.


Indymag and ImagineFX magazines.
March 15, 2016

I'm happy to be featured in INDYMAG's newly released issue #9, profiling my "wannabe" artwork and obsessive Indiana Jones fandom/nerdom. You can get the digital edition here, or buy a print edition.

Special thanks to Junior Jones and the entire Indymag crew for all their support and enthusiasm!

I use the term "wannabe" regarding my art, with both a sense of humor and humility. Earlier this year I had to deal with a little bit of drama involving a rather toxic personality, who ended up hurling more insults and threats at me than a psychotic schoolyard bully. Suffice to say it's good for me to keep things in perspective (and in check) with a little self-effacing humor; what one person considers an insult, I'll take as a compliment. The outpouring of support I've received from my friends, associates, artists, and co-workers over this situation has meant the world to me. It's helped me to move on, to move forward...and most importantly, to try to forgive. Karma has already done its part; I need not stress over it anymore.

I also use "wannabe" because, when compared to *REAL* artists, that's essentially what I am -- and I don't feel slighted in the least bit. Such artists are profiled in the March issue of ImagineFX Magazine, which dedicated its cover story to Classic Fantasy Film Art, celebrating what was the last great era of illustrated movie posters.

Richard Amsel was among the illustrators profiled. I had a nice exchange with writer Garrick Webster about the late artist's work, though it resulted in only a few small snippets within the article itself.

Now that the issue has been on news stands for some time, here's a PDF of the cover story. You can buy a copy of the full issue through this link. Issues can also be found in select bookstores.


My first art book!
January 3, 2016

I never really thought I'd have enough presentable artwork to warrant it, but what the heck -- it's a new year, and time to forge ahead.

I just finished the layout of my first "coffee table" art book, and am awaiting the hardcover proof from the printers in a week or two. It's admittedly short (merely 24 pages), but I'm excited by the way it looks so far.

I've done this mainly as a compact way to present my art portfolio to potential clients, but if the hardcover proof QC turns out OK, I'll be publishing a more affordable print on demand softcover version, for anyone who's interested. More info to come.

UPDATE 1/17/2016:

A number of people have asked me about copies of the book, now available on Shutterfly. The $37.95 price I know is a bit steep, I know, but it reflects only the manufacturing cost for print on demand. I make no profits or residuals from any sales, as it's designed only for showcasing my artwork for those who want a keepsake. On the plus side, Shutterfly often has discount promos for their subscribers.


Happy new year! Time to be Daring!
January 2, 2016

There are so many things going on right now that it's hard for me to process them all. I'm feeling the post-holiday blues, while trying to force myself to have a positive outlook on the new year.

I'll be writing more on the late Ken Robinson soon. (More on Ken can be found on my MAIN PAGE & NEWS.) I've recently talked to his husband and cousin, and they plan on having a small getogether in L.A. around the end of the month. Ken and I had talked about my visiting him in his new home in Sacremento this Spring. Alas, that is not to be.

In the days between Christmas and New Year's, I had some time off, and wrapped up two creative projects. The first was this illustration of DRAGON'S LAIR, inspired by the current Indegogo campaign by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, to develop a short animated film pitch for a feature film adaptation of the classic cartoon videogame. (Dirk's pose here relied on a patchwork of different source elements from the DRAGON'S LAIR comic book, drawn by Fabio Laguna. It's only fitting that I give credit where credit is due.)

The artwork was painted in gouache on paper, but I opted to use my fancy new Cintiq to color it, and add the fire. I'm slowly trying to get into the modern age of digital "painting," but I'm pretty stubborn. However, the money I spent on the Cintiq is proving to be a wise investment.

Not that I was ever any good at playing the damn game. I must have spent serious moula as a kid at the arcades. A recent visit to L.A.'s 82 only proved that my skills faired no better as an adult.

The second creative project I'll be announcing tomorrow!


Three Thorns captures Moonbeam award!
Novemer 13, 2015

Hearty congrats to my friend Michael Gibney, whose book, The Brotherhood and the Shield: The Three Thorns, captured the 1st place Moonbeam award for pre-teen fiction/fantasy!

Now if only he could buy a new pair of glasses...  :)


Intrada's expanded soundtrack of THE SECRET OF NIMH
November 5, 2015

I'm very proud to announce that my artwork is featured within Intrada's newly remastered and expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith's score for THE SECRET OF NIMH. My art is featured inside the disc as an alternate "B" cover.

I'm absolutely thrilled and honored to have my work included in this release. The front cover repurposes the film's original poster, and rightly so -- for nothing could best the illustration by the late, great Tim Hildebrandt.

Special thanks to the guys at Intrada for a job well done, and for being so amicable. Thanks, too, to everyone who shared their kind words of support and enthusiasm about my artwork.

But don't buy the soundtrack for the it for THE MUSIC, which remains my personal favorite among all of Jerry Goldsmith's work. I can't wait to get my copy.

Speaking of which, here's a link to Intrada's site where you can purchase the soundtrack.

UPDATE: Finally got my copy of the CD and, God, I'll never tire of listening to Jerry Goldsmith's score -- especially now that it sounds better than ever. It's a very majestic, mature work, and perfectly captures the more complex, atmospheric tone of the story. Also love hearing Paul Williams' original demo for "Flying Dreams," which has some different lyrics against a simple piano arrangement.

Credit, too, to Jeff Bond's liner notes, which clearly define something I had never quite realized, but always somehow "sensed": one of the score's lietmotifs -- used only sparingly with scenes of the amulet -- is "in a way...a love theme for Mrs. Brisby and her lost husband..." Bond's comment really hit the nail on the head.

How to Succeed in Heaven Without Really Dying


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