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Opening night at the Nucleus Gallery's
Harry Potter tribute art show.
Alhambra, CA, July 10th, 2011

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Now featured on TurningArt! It's a rather novel idea where subscribers can rent art prints for a monthly fee, as well as collect credit towards the purchase of both prints and original paintings. My page on their site can be found here.

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Perhaps too little, too late, but..."Kubrick Remembered" event. Or, how I learned to ask an intelligent question and get a simple, one-syllable answer.
April 2, 2015

In yet another one of my "catching up" posts, I wanted to share a little story from an event sponsored by Warner Bros., back on November 18th of last year.

They held a screening of STANLEY KUBRICK REMEMBERED on the Warner Bros. lot, where they had a Q&A with Malcolm McDowell, Ryan O'Neal, Leon Vitali, and Dominic Savage, to promote the new Blu-Ray collection.

Their "Q&A" wasn't really much, as they took ONE question from the audience, and it was mine. I tried to make it an intelligent one: "Having experienced, as actors, what must have been exhaustive productions, what was it like, as viewers, to see your respective films for the first time in their completed form - especially considering Mr. Kubrick's editing, pacing, and legendary use of music?"

O'Neal clearly couldn't hear me -- he seemed very hard of hearing -- so McDowell, in his very characteristic fashion, summed up my question rather bluntly: "What did you think of BARRY LYNDON?" he asked him.

O'Neal held up the microphone and dismissively shrugged, "Eh."

So much for reverential treatment of auteurs.

Alas, none of the other guests had time to answer my question. Also surreal that night: five minutes after sitting down in the theater, I realized my old Soundelux guys, Kim Waugh and Per Hallberg, were sitting right behind me. And they still have their hair. Fuckers.


Little mentions...
March 31, 2015

Someone gave me a heads up about an upcoming screening of THE SECRET OF NIMH, held by YBCA in San Francisco. Their calendar page features some of my old artwork to promote it. Who am I to complain?

This one's a bit old news, but INDYMAG, a fan based online publication for all things Indiana Jones, included my artwork among recommended items for collectors. You can view the issue online here or download the pdf. I'd be doing an interview for them in the near future, with more Indy-related news to announce...


The art of Jeff West.
March 31, 2015

I wanted to give a shout-out to my friend Jeff West, a remarkable artist, illustrator, and Emmy-nominated VFX artist, who recently had a volume of his sketches published in a new book, THE ART OF JEFF WEST: VOLUME ONE.

I first saw Jeff's work online about thirteen years ago, and was immediately impressed by his style -- which was so different from my own, and I knew I couldn't possibly emulate it. I was tempted to contact him about collaborating on a project when, back in 2004, I began working at a post-production facility in Hollywood. I passed by one of the workrooms and noticed a large Indiana Jones poster posted on the wall...and, lo and behond, there was Jeff, sitting behind a workstation, adding VFX trickery to an episode of BUFFY. It's a small world, indeed.

Jeff and I soon became good friends, and I was sad when he ultimately left Hollywood. He had other priorities (raising a family chiefly among them), but I was happy to see him continue his creative work as an illustrator -- including a number of illustrated books for Vesuvius Press.

I do hope Jeff might return to a VFX career, if that's what he so chooses. But whatever path he takes, he's a rare talent, a good soul, and a great friend who is deserving of success. I wish him all the luck in the world.

For more on Jeff's work, check out his website.


March 31, 2015

It's been a long time coming, but after years of hard work, Michael Gibney's book series THE BROTHERHOOD AND THE SHIELD has finally launched! The first book in the young adult fantasy series, THE THREE THORNS, is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, and other stores throughout the USA and UK.

I've done a number of covers for Mike, as several books are planned in the years to come. For THE THREE THORNS, I actually did different designs; my personal favorite was one I'd done for free, after feeling dissatisfied with my previous efforts. Oddly enough, the publisher went with the first (and in my opinion, lesser) cover artwork, deeming my preferred illustration to be too...well, scary.  But the author loved it so much that he used it as the central image of the book series' website:

For more information, go to


At long last...the much-needed makeover of my Art Galleries has begun!
March 29, 2015

I've been swamped with a lot of projects these last few months, particularly since my move to Sierra Madre. It's all been both overwhelming and wonderful, but I have to prioritize things. (This work is in addition to my full time job at Warner Bros.)

I'm constantly tinkering with this site, and if you explore some of the pages, you'll find a lot of them are quite outdated. I'm hoping to change all that soon, but my starting point was the most critical one: THE ART GALLERIES.

The last few days I've transitioned all my personal art & illustration files to WIX, as their service offers great functionality, and makes everything a bit easier to organize. It's also a lot more interactive, and easier to update, than my archaic web developer software. an effort to have a "soft launch" of the new galleries, the art links on my main ART GALLERY page will direct you to the new WIX pages.

Some of the pages have yet to be updated, but the key ones -- such as my PORTFOLIO OVERVIEW and poster artwork -- are all spankin' new. Some galleries have also been consolidated. I hope you enjoy them, and would appreciate any feedback.

I opted, however, to keep all the older pages active, as many people have linked to them and their contents. (That I've already renewed my old web service account for another year is hardly reason for me to abandon it now.) These older gallery pages will continue to link to the previous site, while the new WIX content can be accessed through the main ART GALLERY page.

  If you're wondering where some of my previous news entries have gone, they've been archived by year -- and you can find the link to each of them at the very bottom of this page. I have a lot of new stuff going on, and have to make room. :)  

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