In addition to art & illustration, I also provide services in WEB DESIGN! These include:

*Logos and graphics specifically tailored to individual needs.

*Animated ads and banners.

*Straightforward, no nonsense, one-on-one customer service.

*I'm also able to digitally restore old and/or damaged photographs. Click here or here to see some recent quick samples.

...all at a fraction of the cost when compared to the rates of professional web designers!


Item Unit(s) Price
Custom art, graphic design, and 2D animated content per hour Please visit ART COMMISSIONS for more info on custom art/design rates.
Photo restoration services per hour Please visit ART COMMISSIONS for more info on photo restoration rates.
3D Animated content N/A Not available at this time.
Initial setup/upload of web design content to client-designated server 1st time setup/upload No charge.
CD-R of web design content 1st CD-R
each additional
No charge.
Photo/document scanning services per up to 10 images
11-20 images
$50.00, and so onů
Additional services/maintenance per hour $35.00


  • Preferred web design application is DreamWeaver.
  • Most 2D graphics produced in Photoshop, then exported to client's preferred format.
  • Most 2D animations produced in AfterEffects, then exported to client's preferred format.


Please contact me should you have any questions. In the meantime,
feel free to check out the following websites I created:


All original artwork and writing copyright (c) 2009 Adam McDaniel.